We adopt a holistic approach to meeting clients' needs, offering a comprehensive range of services from start to finish. Each assignment is different and each client's needs vary.Even so, it is widely-recognised that an organisation needs to address not only the financial issues, product development and marketing, but also human resources, training and outsourcing.
MMC with its unique and tested approach to management has developed its own Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 9001 and successfully achieved certification from Germanischer Lloyds for demonstrating conformance to this system. 

Quality Management
System Certified
according to 
ISO 9001.

We describe below the functional areas that make up the full extent of our offer. You are welcome to call us to go through the details of some of our projects. 

Business Development 

In an era of globalisation and rapid technological changes, companies must reinvent themselves time and again if they are to compete successfully. Hence doing things the way we always have" is no longer a viable
option. Our clients recognise this and commission us to undertake studies which analyse the nature of their operations, how they are conducted and the products and services they offer. From this data, we evaluate areas of natural synergy that can provide the impetus for future growth. The studies we undertake highlight opportunities with significant potential, provided the right systems and structures are aligned with the business strategy.

Project Evaluation. 
Once a promising avenue has been opened, we build detailed proposal which include financial models, assessment of
market viability and an analysis of delivery systems. They are rigorously tested, using the most up-to-date techniques to
ensure the viability of the concept. Since substantial investment is often required, we adopt a ruthless approach to minimise risk and eliminate muddled thinking. Only if our own exacting criteria are met, do we submit an assessment of the potential and recommendations for implementation.

Product Development.
Consumer expectations continue to rise dramatically right across the world. Unless organisations offer products or services
for which demand can be created- then their futures are inevitably limited. Our consultants are fully- equipped to undertake in-depth surveys to determine potential in the marketplace, consumer tastes
and aspirations, as well as optimum delivery systems. By designing carefully tailored questionnaires, we can elicit the quality
of data with which realistic strategies and detailed implementation plans can be drawn up.

Marketing Strategies. 
Reaching the right market segment is crucial to the financial well-being of an organisation and, indeed , its survival. We
target those delivery systems which provide the most effective means of reaching a particular group. For example, we conduct brand positioning surveys by compiling perceptual maps which indicate the qualities and attributes customers value and plot a client's position vis-à-vis the competition. We also develop customer satisfaction indices, using such techniques as the "mystery shopper" to benchmark our clients against their rivals.

Market Surveys. 
There is a high degree of cultural diversity within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- so it is essential to focus marketing efforts precisely. This requires the high level of skill and experience that we routinely apply to each assignment. We evaluate the nuances and preferences of each market segment to ensure pin-point precision in reaching specific target groups. On behalf of a major financial institution, we have examined the dynamics of the Saudi Insurance Market, not only in terms of conventional products, but also the potential for generating regular savings through long-term pension and education plans.

Product & Efficiency Analysis. 
The quest for increased productivity and efficiency is never ending- an issue which affects every level within an organisation. We have completed many such studies, including one for a retail bank, where we directly observed the day-to day operations of a number of branches and analysed the tools, such as computer systems, documentation and guidelines. We also conducted in-depth interviews across the board. We were then able to recommend improvements in organisational structure and operating procedures, staffing levels and the optimum interface with corresponding banks.

Executive Search
Finding the right people for the job is vital. We have undertaken many assignments, carried out according to our own stringent criteria. As part of the nationwide policy of "Saudisation", we have identified and recruited a number of high-calibre Saudis to fill senior management positions. 

Human Resources, Training & Development 
Staff are among an organisation's most valuable assets. We provide a human resources service that includes the creation
of organisational structures, job analysis and evaluations, the preparation of job descriptions and the development of
incentive schemes. We also address the crucial issue of training and development to ensure staff and management are equipped to fulfill their functions effectively. 

It is possible, within any organisation, to find areas where operational efficiencies can be increased and overheads cut.
Solutions can be both short and long-term. In the short-term, an organisation may require a particular skill or resource to
address time-specific problems, such as upgrading computer systems. We also provide longer term solutions to streamlining the administrative process, for example, by outsourcing the postal
services and maintenance of personnel records.

Financial Restructuring and Re-engineering 
Business doesn't always run smoothly. Loans and payments can become overdue, markets can change unexpectedly and
key staff can leave. Restructuring and re-engineering can offer a way out of the dilemma. Our financial modeling capability can establish whether a downturn is temporary or permanent, whether the managerial and marketing skills are in place and whether financial solvency can be regained. Remedial action can then be taken. Solutions can include injecting of additional capital, swapping debt for equity and rescheduling payments.

Industrial Management
Many manufacturing companies are currently being compelled to rationalise and restructure their operations. MMC has a pool of qualified managers that it can assign to facilitate organisational restructuring and to implement systems and procedures that will sustain operations on a profitable basis. You can browse through some of our projects we have completed in this area. 

Development of Quality Management System–ISO 9000 
MMC is providing assistance and guidance to a number of local companies aiming to achieve an effective Quality
Management System. Our clients come from a wide spectrum of business sectors, such as: 
. Computer networking 
. Construction & contracting 
. Pharmaceutical and medical supplies 
. Air-conditioning
. Car services 
. Holding company operating diverse businesses 

To facilitate our clients’ ISO certification, we are undertaking the following: 

.  Identifying gaps in organizations’ systems as compared to ISO
.  Providing ISO awareness training to all levels of employees 
.  Advising on organization structuring and human resources issues 
.  Advising on the structure of documentation and records required
   for the quality system 
.  Training designated personnel in the maintenance of
   documentation  and records 
.  Providing guidance for effective implementation of quality system. 
.  Providing internal audit training 
.  Providing guidance on selection of the certification body 
.  Conducting a pre-certification audit. 

These prepare client organisations for accreditation to the appropriate body, whilst focusing management's attention on the
most efficient way of reaching its goals. 


Our Services. 

Business Development. 
Project Evaluation. 
Product Development.
Marketing Strategies.
Market Surveys. 
Product & Efficiency
Executive Search. 
Human Resources
   Training & Development . Outsourcing.   
Financial Re-engineering
   & Restructuring. 
Industrial Management 
ISO Consulting Services



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