Our mission is to understand the challenges and requirements  of our clients, develop innovative, practical and appropriate solutions, and implement them professionally and cost effectively, using our proven expertise over a broad range of business sectors. 

Company Background and Purpose

MMC was established in June 1994 with a mission to provide high quality management advisory services that increase shareholder value in client organizations. 

The firm’s sponsoring partners -themselves Saudi professionals with distinguished prior careers in financial institutions and private companies—perceived a gap in the availability of high quality advisory services to private sector organizations. 

Our management consultants have not only had extensive hands-on experience of business practices within the Saudi context but also possess the expertise that can guide leader organizations to analyze and improve the whole range of their strategy and operations in the light of the most up-to-date and proven management techniques. 

Since its establishment in 1994, MMC has always striven to deliver first class management advisory services. These are carefully designed to increase shareholder value and provide the framework in which client organisations can uplift the scope of their strategies and quality of their operations. 

MMC with its unique and tested approach to management has developed its own Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 9001 and successfully achieved certification . 

Man has always sought to harness the elements of Nature- earth, wind, fire and water- so we draw upon our knowledge and experience to harness the business techniques that produce the most effective


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